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Chiropractor Mountain View CA Patrick McCauleyI am on a crusade to help as many people as I can improve their quality of life by helping them improve their health even if I provide the slightest change for the better. I have been in the business for over 25 years and have seen the many challenges of healthcare like providing prescriptions or physical therapy for something they really do not understand.

My focus is to help people understand that medicine is not the only answer and that there is a better way by avoiding the side effects of drugs and the potential of a condition progressing. This is why I urge people to seek a chiropractic opinion for spinal pain.


As a chiropractor, my primary focus is the spine while medical doctors deal with a whole host of conditions.

When not working as a health superhero, I enjoy time with my beautiful wife and my two wonderful children. Being married to your best friend is truly a blessing. We also spend time going to my daughters basketball games or my sons football games. In general, we are pretty much homebodies not to mention it is a bit of work taking care of the ranch.


In my spare time, I enjoy messing around with classic cars. My first restoration was a 1970 Camaro, seen in the picture. I had that car for 12 years taking it to a lot of shows including Hot August Nights. I am now working on a couple of projects; a 1972 Dodge Demon for a colleague of mine, a 1972 Camaro SS (I like the second generation Camaros), and a 1971 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4. They are all in need of a lot of attention, but I enjoy taking something in bad shape and making it look fantastic. Maybe that’s another reason why I like chiropractic so much.

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