"Dr. Pat knew exactly what was going on with my protruding discs in my neck. Before doing anything he explained what he would do and what to expect. I was skeptical but I was also willing to try anything at this point as noting had worked. Sure enough after just a few adjustments the pain was going away and my strength was coming back in my arm. In just a few months I am close to 100%. Thanks for everything!"

 - Jon

"I have done to medical doctors my whole life, told that they knew best. Well, they do know how to prescribe drugs to cover up the problems but not address why the problems happen. This is Where Dr. Pat has not only helped with my pain but also my outlook on health and the power of body."

 - Paula

"Dr. McCauley is awesome, always available when I need him most and very effective. I am so grateful that my friends recommended him so strongly."

 - Kristin S.

"The pain in my back was very frequent and very intense often time waking me up at night and making my walks very difficult. Dr. Pat spent a good deal of time with me evaluating and explaining to me what was going on and what it would take to correct it. This had never been done before by any of my other doctors. After seeing Dr. Pat for just a few visits I began to feel much better. My experience with McCauley Chiropractic has been excellent!"

- Betty

"Dr. McCauley is an awesome chiropractor and a wonderful man! My husband and I began seeing him 10+ years ago. We brought our 3 boys to see him 3 xs weekly for years. As a result, we have all been very healthy avoiding many illnesses that have circulated throughout the years. When the boys sustained sports related injuries, Dr. McCauley expedited their recovery with adjustments. I have lived in SJ for many years, and have passed many a chiropractor to get to Mountain View. It is time well spent to be treated by such an ethical, knowledgeable, and professional man. I echo JM review above-he takes time to invest in his patients. He cares about his patients as a whole not just the parts of the body that need adjusting.

If you want to get to the root of your ache, or pain, and reduce the number of medicines you take, see Dr. McCauley. He is amazing, and you too can improve your quality of life, and feel great!"

 - Michelle E.

"Six years ago I moved to the bay area from the east coast. I asked my current chiropractor if he could recommend a chiropractor in my new location. He gave me Dr. McCauley's name. Little did I know at the time, what a gift that recommendation was? I could not be happier with Dr. McCauley. Consistently for 6 years I have been seeing Dr. McCauley for adjustments. Not only is he a talented chiropractor, he is also a kind person with a wonderful personality. He takes his time and gets to know you. He listens carefully to any problems you may be having and makes adjustments accordingly. I always feel better when leaving his office. My husband also goes to Dr. McCauley and is very happy too."

- Donna W.

"I have been seeing Dr. McCauley for nearly 8 years. He is not only one of the best Doctors I know, he is one of the best people I know! He takes the time to invest in his patients, finding out about them and who they are and their lives, and doesn't just give you a 'crack' and send you on your way. He helps his patients to improve their overall health, focusing on the person as a whole. He is a very supportive and caring man; we should all be so blessed as to find someone as wonderful as Dr. McCauley!!!"

 - Jenny M.

"Dr. McCauley is definitely one of the best chiropractors I have ever known. His care for people's well-being is truly genuine. He always welcomes you with a great smile and makes sure to spend all the time that is needed to take care of you. He has been my chiropractor for 2 years now and I really recommend him to anybody.

By the way, if you have any pain or issue that has been bothering you for a while and you need some daily practical exercises that can really help - ask him - he is also great at that."

 - Ako K.

"I had been suffering with degenerative arthritis, bulging discs with nerve impingement in my lower back. After seeing another Chiropractor for many years and feeling like I was getting nowhere, I took the advice of a neighbor and went for a consultation with Dr. McCauley. I immediately felt I was being listened to without being rushed. It was such a pleasant consultation, free of being forced into a plan and free of being told I need adjustments for the rest of my life. What was surprisingly different was I found a doctor that actually cared. Not for how much money he can get out of me but cared for my whole health and well-being.

I know I was a tough one with many ailments, but a year and a half later, Dr. McCauley has not only done an amazing job with my adjustments which changes based on what I may need, he has solved some medical conditions I was suffering from that my regular doctors failed to help me with.

Dr. McCauley is honest, trustworthy, down to earth, very knowledgeable, willing to help, motivating and kind. I have gotten to know him and I value his advice over any Medical doctor I have encountered. If I had not listened to Dr. McCauley, I would have had spinal fusion surgery, knee surgery, and be on many unnecessary medications.

Dr. Patrick McCauley is a Chiropractor I would and do recommend to anyone who truly wants results.

I am forever GRATEFUL to you Dr. McCauley!!! Thank you for all your support"

 - Andrea C.

"Genuine, knowledgeable, easygoing, hilarious, truthful, relatable - all words I think of when describing Dr. McCauley. His work is disciplined, proactive and always carried out in integrity. He has a big heart and his passion for people achieving wellness and experiencing fullness of life is noticeable from your very first visit. He is thorough and responsive to problem areas or pain; always working towards solutions as well as maintaining and improving areas that are functioning well. I have often walked in for my appointment and found him reading books and articles furthering his education and knowledge of different subjects. The way he carries himself presents to me that the tips he gives me for exercising/stretching, book suggestions, life advice or recommendations for foods to try are things he uses in his daily life. Dr. McCauley has truly invested not only in my life in a chiropractic sense but overall. He's taught me different stretches for my tight shoulders and workout routines that are a

killer (I am always drenched in sweat after), challenged me to try new things and step outside my comfort zone, encouraged me to define and pursue life goals I have and even give me a reality check when I need one. There is definitely a level of responsibility that I have as a patient to heed his instruction if I want to see results and truth be told sometimes I am not the best at it. Even in those times, though, he always reminds me of the truth and continues to encourage me to strive for the best. From just six months of seeing him I have seen improvements in my shoulders (less tightness, a little more range of motion, and my arms don't fall asleep at night), made changes in how I eat, frequently reminded myself to sit up straight and pull my shoulders back, started pursuing life goals, and there is not a day when I leave his office without a smile. I wholeheartedly enjoy him as a chiropractor as well as a person and a friend. If you are looking for a chiropractor, give Dr. McCauley a chance - you won't regret it."

 - Kristin M.

"I was suffering from lower back pain and hip pain. At the time I was taking to many anti-inflammatories and try to do exercises. A colleague of mine suggested that I go see Dr. McCauley. Since beginning chiropractic care I have significantly less pain, more strength and more flexibility. I would tell you that you do not have to be in pain (but you may have to work at getting better). Don’t be afraid It’s good to feel good, naturally!"

- Sally


  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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