Typical Patient in Mountain View

Typical Patient in Mountain View CA

This patient entered my office with chronic neck pain that had been off and on for the past two years. She had been to several doctors and did some physical therapy. Nothing seemed to really get rid if the pain for good. The medication would give her some relief but only temporary and she was getting concerned about taking so many medications. She was referred to me from another patient of mine that was very happy with her care and she thought I could help her friend.

After a Comprehensive Exam

After taking a history and performing a comprehensive examination which included some x-rays we discovered a severe loss in her normal cervical curve. This loss of curve causes a tremendous amount of undue stress on her disc and surrounding soft tissue structures which is most likely causing her pain.

We set up a course of care in an effort to restore some of the natural curve and would set up some follow-up films to determine our progress. During the program she was very involved in her care and made substantial improvements. Along with becoming pain free she noticed that she became physically stronger during her exercises and she felt as if her energy was much improved.

As you can see the follow-up films showed marked improvement in restoring the natural curve. This improvement in both pain relief and physical stature can provide significant support for the remainder of her life!

Note on X-rays:

Medical doctors and Chiropractors look at x-rays very differently. A Medical doctor is looking for fractures and gross pathologies such as tumors, degeneration of the disc or joints, congenital deformities and so on. In an addition to those our office is also interested in proper spinal alignment to support normal biomechanics.

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